PERMASALAHAN PEMBELAJARAN BERBICARA DALAM BAHASA JEPANG (Penelitian Terhadap Mahasiswa Tingkat II Prodi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Unikom)


Soni Mulyawan Setiana, M.Pd



International Relations Department at Unikom provide Japanese course for 2 credits on fourth semester as one of the elective courses in order for students having skills in foreign languages ​​besides English well will have self-confidence to face of challenges and opportunities in the global competition. In order, students are expected having good skills of Japanese language, as one is speaking skill. Speaking skills have an important role in everyday life to interact and communicate.   Based on experiences in teaching Japanese course in International Relation Department at Unikom prove that the student had diffulty speaking to communicate ideas or messages in Japanese language. The purposes of the research were to investigate the difficulties of learning Japanese speaking, to know the causes of difficulties of learning speaking, to know how the students of International Relation Department solve the difficulties of learning speaking. The research design was descriptive qualitative research. The research was conducted on namely 20 students of International Relations Department at Unikom who took Japanese course as an elective course. The data collected by giving interview to the students. The result of this research expected to provide benefits to the Japanese language teachers, especially Japanese language teachers in International Relation Department.


Keyword:  (Student, Difficulty, Learning, Japanese Speaking)

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